In this part of the world,I mean in Nigeria and coming down to the state and city level, Nursing homes for the elderly are not common place.
I am not aware of any home for the elderly in Akure for instance.
Some elderly people are left at home alone with little or no care.
Some have the advantage of having their son or daughter around them while others have paid caregivers to look after them.
The elderly deserve optimum care from all.Their relatives should make conscious efforts in making sure they have adequate and appropriate care. The public and private institutions should also see them as those who have contributed their valuable quotas to the development of our community and society. Hence, should be involved in ensuring good care for the elderly.
The period of old age is associated with enormous frailty and health challenges. So, health care delivery to the elderly should be with minimal stress to them. Instead of hauling the elderly to the hospital on and off,cares should actually be resident with them. Thus the idea of nursing home.
As this is not available in most communities in the developing world, something must be done.
I suggest government and private institutions should promptly look into establishing nursing homes.
Also in the meantime, the elderly can benefit from home cares from trained caregivers, nurses, doctors and other health workers.
The elderly once carried all of us.It is now time for us to give them rest and peace with ultmost comfort.We should be their carrier now.
Written by O.I.AYENI for Life Anchor Platform.

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